Persian Real etate

Our Services

We expertly perform the tasks below:
- Preparing listings
- Analyzing the offers professionally to provide valid counsel to our clients
- Assisting the venders to price and appraise their properties
- Reevaluating the final prices
- Scrutinizing the properties’ specifications such as measurements, facilities and so forth
- Listing the properties on related websites and archives of property transactions
- Advising the owners on fixing the potential damages
- Hiring skilled photographers to provide presentable photos of clients’ properties
- Internet Marketing
- Arranging visits and open houses
- Monitoring the reactions and reviews to realize our motto “clients first”
- Recording the offered prices
- Assessing the offered prices with the venders
- Negotiating on alternative offers
- Negotiating on contract terms with observance of the parties’ rights
- Submitting the purchaser’s confirmation to the seller

The manager’s aim is to achieve the following targets:
- Planning and setting meetings on final assessment of the transactions (leasing, renting, purchasing, vending)
- Compiling and reviewing the agreements to verify their conformance to the addressed regulations of the realtors guild
- Scrutinizing the property warranties to prevent losses
- Overseeing the doors’ rekeys
- Finalizing the listings on real estate online archives
- Remaining up to date and informed on regulation changes
- Keeping himself and the staff constantly educated